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Being an only child. Monkey mindpong. RIP DMX.

Human thoughts. Taking it to the next level. Chaos Walking movie review.

Live without your phone / social media? Prove it.

Zach Snyders Justice League & Coming 2 America movie review. Drunk McDonalds birthday parties.

Bitcoin, alt coins & digital crypto currencies, the next gold rush. NFT's and Beeple.

Dealing with losing $180m in the lottery. Stupid Celebrity encounters.

Thanks for the memories Daft Punk. Body image in 2021.

Love vs Ambivalence. Accomodating lazy people. What’s your favourite sayings?

The Art of Conversation.

Reddit v Wallstreet. Crypto currency in 2021. Signal or WhatsApp?

Seek discomfort. Be the CEO of your life. My Octopus Teacher documentary review. Australia day or Invasion day?

What would you do for $280m? Apex predators in 2021. Eating pigeon

Value of self vs Delusions of values. Fragile civilisations as we move forward. Trump is now BANNED from social media, good or bad?

Byron Bay, hipster central. Credit card scammed. Dreamworks vs Pixar.

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