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2020 Oscars round up. Dentists are all crazy masochists and circumcisions is messing with baby doodles.

The Coronavirus, what a time to be alive. So it’s superbowl 2020. Energy vampires vs emotional butterflies. Live vs fake performances.

The after you die podcast special. RIP Kobe Bryant. WARNING: Explicit language Song: Every Breath you Take - The Police

65. The theory of planned behaviour. Fart etiquette. Space X. Lunar New Year & the Kitchen Gods. 1917 movie review.

Special guest Migbo. What are your weird quirks?

Whats your superstition? Do you believe in Fate or Manifest destiny? Australian bush fires rage on.

Plane barbarians and pool etiquette? Go to a restaurant, and only buy fries WTF? what did you learn this year? Hopefully something...

Whats your vaginas nickname? Plant based diets and ‘The Game Changers’. Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker movie review.

So here we are, 15 would you rather questions... what would you do??

Practicing Stillness. Zero point energy and ARV's is it real? Memes.

Reincarnation? fact or fiction? Trans dimensional soul migration? WTF? So a ghost borrowed your hair straightener. So I broke another iPhone.

Who's your free F pass? What inappropriate conversations have you overheard? Ready or not movie review.

Emotional bank accounts do you deposit or withdrawal ? Active wear while shopping. Gemini Man movie review. Whats your poison?

55. Getting free stuff from Apple Ponyos revenge story. Terminator Dark Fate movie review. Star Wars Rise of Skywalker in trouble? So a 12cm tapeworm is eating your brain... cool.

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