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Who's your free F pass? What inappropriate conversations have you overheard? Ready or not movie review.

Emotional bank accounts do you deposit or withdrawal ? Active wear while shopping. Gemini Man movie review. Whats your poison?

55. Getting free stuff from Apple Ponyos revenge story. Terminator Dark Fate movie review. Star Wars Rise of Skywalker in trouble? So a 12cm tapeworm is eating your brain... cool.

Getting kicked out of an Apple store in Madrid. Street performers, pay it forward don’t just enjoy and run. Dont believe everything you read on the internet.

Botox & Liposuction, would you get it done? Kanye West's Jesus is King album review. Being cropdusted in Amsterdam. What makes a good / bad dining experience?

Podcasting from Paris. Almost getting robbed. Walking around nude. Getting stoned in Amsterdam. 1 year podcast anniversary

Computer Gamer culture in 2019. Live from London. Posh restaurants v street food what’s better?

So how bad is hygiene in 2019. Ask people who get gastro on a trip. Daylight savings pre inception- a Ponyo story. Circadian rhythm

Tipping. Doing drugs with the cabin crew before work a Charlie story.

Jordan Peterson in rehab. The youth & Climate change protests. Wu Tang Clans, Mic's & Men review. Ponyos weird bruising massage. Darwin award: Proposing underwater (DONT)

Public transport pains, germs. Sept 11, 18 years later, so where where you when it happened? iPhone 11 review, yay or nay. Doing nice things for people. WARNING: Explicit language ...

Does HAARP control the weather? Dave Chapelle, Sticks and Stones review. Getting your dopamine hits via social media. Picking up at weddings. Be your own critic (FK Rotten Tomatoes...

Tool's Fear Inoculum album review. Atlantis has been found at the Richat structure. Why do people need to whip out there phone when by themselves , is it fear of being in a social ...

Sorry for the late arrival, but we’re coming in semi hot like a warm turd. In this weeks episode we rant on about- What a way to go. Death by elevator while just trying to go to ...

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