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So what’s the deal with email and communication etiquette in 2019. Pet Semetary movie review. Happy Mother’s Day!

Coffee or Tea? What’s your poison? When the internet goes down... May the fourth and revenge of the fifth be with you, super Star Wars nerds and lightsabers. Half Darwin award......

Avengers Endgame Review (Massive Spoilers!). What’s the Best/Worst international Airport?. Darwin Award for falling into a meat grinder.

Strip clubs in Easter! What people do for money. Game of thrones. Eating food on camera and getting paid $13k WTF?!? Beyonce Homecoming review.

No MF Choachella party. Only paying 1/3 for dinner at a well known restaurant! Done! Comic book grading and making serious money! Trash to treasure the craziest things found in the...

What’s your travel tips? Passport pains pt. 2. Some rapid fire questions to Charlie and Ponyo.

Direct from Hong Kong. Michelin stars WTF! The difference between low vs high maintenance friends. Go buy a fake handbag from shady Chinese.

Free Food!?! It's the year of the fakes! Buying your way into University = fantastic karma for life. Fake being a professional violinist for literally YEARS. Fake a billion dollar ...

World Wide Web turns 30. Social media rant. What would you do to get out of something. Forget something? Like your BABY! Mums make a porno. Gross.

You woke up where? Eating face cream. A look back at Pick Up Artist society and ‘The game’. R U OK? Captain Marvel Review. So you sent your tinder date 9000 text messages..

Get killed then cooked by your girlfriend. Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules to turn out good. Saving ducks. Again. Movie review - A Star is Born. Phone + walking = trouble.

So you break into someone’s house, then proceed to get your ass killed(true story). Deleting nudes (not your phone) because you can't deal with your life. Go marry a 63 year old ...

Valentines day, what a great scam. Removing youreself from the gene pool - The Darwin Awards. Aladdin trailer pass or fail?. Got any good riddles?

So what’s you embarrassing celebrity story? Did an alien spacecraft fly through our solar system? Sugar babies and sugar daddies? Where are they? We want some!

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